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 RSS Feed


Help for RSS Feed Setup -- WorldFlash Gold: Help for RSS Feed Setup -- WorldFlash Gold:

  What is an RSS feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is a common way for web sites to publish information in the form of headlines and links. This makes RSS an ideal way to expand the number and kinds of information you can see in your personalized News Ticker.

RSS is a regular text file defined by an URL like any normal web page, but is typically tagged with a ".xml" or ".rss" suffix. You feed this URL into WorldFlash in the proper location, and it can show you the top headlines from that RSS feed.

RSS feeds are available for thousands of blogs, many news content sources such as the Wall Street Journal, and can also be used to scroll internal information from a company Intranet, or even a local file on your hard drive.   to top

 Where can I find RSS feeds?

A couple of good sources for RSS Feeds include Moreover, NewsIsFree, AllHeadlineNews, etc...

WorldFlash Software does not produce any RSS feeds for public use.   to top

 How many RSS feeds can I enable in WorldFlash?

Registered users have the ability to add up to 64 RSS feeds. If you are using the "free trial" version, the limit is 10 RSS feeds for evaluation purposes.   to top

 How do I add an RSS feed to WorldFlash?

First, located the RSS feed of interest, which is often marked by a small yellow "XML" or "RSS" icon, right-click and select "copy shortcut", this will place the URL's address in the Clipboard. Now, bring up Customize WorldFlash..., RSS Feeds pane. In the list of feeds, click on the next available slot. Then right-click on the URL entry box and select Paste. You should now have the RSS feed in this box, you can set any other feed-specific options at this point and hit "Ok".   to top

  What does the "parse this many items" entry box mean?

You can choose how many headlines (items) to read in from the RSS feed, this is useful if you're only interested in the newest (topmost) items. If you put a zero in this field, that RSS feed will be ignored by the program.   to top

  What does the "check for headlines every" entry box mean?

You can set the interval (in minutes) that WorldFlash uses to check for new information in the RSS feed. The default time is 15 minutes. The minimum is setting is 5 minutes, however to conserve bandwidth we recommend you set this value to 15 minutes or more.   to top

  What is the Breaking News Alerts checkbox for?

If you want to see the newest items from this RSS feed in the Breaking News Alert popup box, check this box.   to top

  What is the "Display this RSS feed's logo" checkbox for?

Some RSS feed publishers include an "image" tag that links to a small graphical icon. Setting this checkbox causes WorldFlash to look for this icon and display it before headlines associated with this particular feed.   to top

  How can I keep the RSS feed headlines separate from the
     regular news sources?

Because the content quality of RSS feeds tends to vary, it is useful to keep the RSS feed headlines separate from the regular WorldFlash news content sources. To enable this, turn on the "Keep RSS Feeds separate" checkbox (on the RSS Feeds dialog box tab), and make sure you have at least two news headline panes visible.   to top

 How do I set the RSS feed headline font?

To set the font used to display RSS feed headlines, open "Customize WorldFlash...", click the Display tab, then on the upper-left side, select RSS Feeds under Choose Ticker Fonts, then select your desired font via the Select Font button.   to top

  Can I show content in WorldFlash from an RSS file on my
    local hard drive and/or network?

Yes, simply specify the location (path) of the RSS file using the "file://" prefix, (e.g. "file://C:\My Documents\MyFeed.rss") in the "URL of Feed" entry box. The file should be formatted to the RSS version .90, .91, 1.0 or 2.0 specs. WorldFlash also supports ATOM feeds if the URL ends in a ".atom" suffix.   to top

 What is OPML?

OPML is an informal file format that can be used to produce lists of RSS feeds (or "outlines"). A de facto standard has been created that can allow you to save your RSS feeds, and then import them into a different RSS reader program, or vice-versa.   to top

 How can I import a list of RSS feeds via OPML?

To import a list of RSS feeds that are specified in an OPML file, bring up the "Customize WorldFlash..." dialog, RSS Feeds tab, then click the "Import OPML Feeds" button located at the lower-left. You can then specify the location of the OPML file that you wish to read into WorldFlash. If the operation is successful, you will see the imported RSS feeds added to your current list of RSS feeds. You can further edit them at this point, or just click OK to accept the new feeds.   to top

 How can I export (save) my list of RSS feeds to an OPML file?

To export your current RSS feed list to a specified OPML file, bring up the "Customize WorldFlash..." dialog, RSS Feeds tab, then click the "Export to OPML" button located at the lower-left. You can then choose an output file. The output OPML file will be generated from your complete current list of RSS feeds.   to top

 How do I turn off or remove an existing RSS feed?

To temporarily disable an RSS feed that you might want to use later, just put a zero in the "Parse this many headlines" entry for that RSS feed and it will no longer show headlines from that source. To permanently remove the RSS feed so you can reuse that slot, delete both the "RSS Feed Label" and the "URL of Feed" areas.   to top

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