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 Email Help


Help for Email Account Setup -- WorldFlash Gold: Help for Email Account Setup -- WorldFlash Gold:

 How do I set up my POP3 email accounts?

To set up your POP3 email accounts, you need three pieces of information: the POP3 mail server name, the Account Name, and the Account Password.

  • Your Account name is the part of your email name that comes BEFORE the "@" sign.

  • Your POP3 mail server may be something like "pop3.mycmpny.com" or "postoffice.att.net". To find out what your POP3 mail server name is, consult your friendly system administrator, ISP customer service, or simply open up your existing email program -- under the Accounts option you should find this name.

  • The password is whatever you normally use to access this email account.
  • You can set the "Email Program Path" to automatically launch your email client program when you click on the scrolling email headers. To use this feature, use the Browse... button to find the executable file for your preferred email client software. NOTE: changing this will not affect email messages you have already been alerted to.

    You can also change how often WorldFlash checks the server for incoming email messages. You can set this interval as short as 3 minutes, however there may be an increased bandwidth usage if you have many email accounts to check.   to top

 How do I set up my Web-based Freemail accounts?

WorldFlash supports several "free" Web-based email accounts such as HotMail, Mail.com and Yahoo Mail.

  • Hotmail.com
  • Juno.com
  • Yahoo.com
  • email.com
  • iname.com
  • mail.com
  • onebox.com
  • lycos.com
  • workmail.com
  • homemail.com
  • schoolmail.com

Setting up a Free mail account is easy, just enter your account name, the name of the server (including ".com", e.g. "hotmail.com") and your password. You don't need to enter anything in the "Email Program Path" box because WorldFlash will automatically bring up the new email in your browser.   to top

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