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  Frequently Asked Questions about WorldFlash Gold:

Our technical support page is in the form of a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. It is maintained and constantly updated by our customer support department. If you don't see your question here, please let us know by sending email to and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

 I lost / misplaced my registration number. How do I get it back?

Just drop us a line at and we'll be happy to email you the replacement code. If for any reason you're still getting "upgrade" messages, make sure your reg. code/email address was correctly entered by choosing "About WorldFlash..." and confirming that it says Registered Version. (Click here for more info)

If you happen to know your DigiBuy "order number", example:RE123456789, you can use the DigiBuy Automated Order Search page to find your registration code.   to top

 The window seems to be stuck with 4 vertically stacked tickers--
  how do I get back to the 2-pane display?

Try dragging the toolbar to the top or bottom of your screen. Certain WorldFlash display features are only available when the toolbar is "docked".   to top

 How does WorldFlash know to get my Sports Scores from my portal page?

When you login to your My.Yahoo or My.Excite portal page using Internet Explorer, a cookie is placed on your computer so that you don't have to login every time you visit that home page. When WorldFlash requests that page, it uses Internet Explorer's underlying Internet access method, so it can retrieve and parse out your league/team choices from your personalized data.

Because of this, you do need to login to the portal page(s) of your choice using Internet Explorer, with Cookies enabled, and "Remember my ID on this computer" checkbox selected, in order to ensure that your sports scores will be displayed in the scrolling ticker.   to top

 I've just purchased WorldFlash GOLD and I need a printed invoice.

No problem, just drop us a line at within 30 days of your purchase and we'll send out a printable invoice for your transaction via email. Or, you can use the DigiBuy Automated Order Search page.   to top

 I use the Internet at work. Is it "OK" to run WorldFlash on my computer?

WorldFlash is currently in use at most of the Fortune 500 as well as thousands of other international companies. It's up to your company's network policies as to what software can be installed and run on your computer at work. However, we've never had a single report of any problem caused by running WorldFlash on a corporate Internet network connection.   to top

 For some reason the ticker keeps appearing at the TOP of my screen!

This is most likely due to unwanted "spyware" or other persistent virus software that may have been unwittingly installed on your PC. This is not particularly related to WorldFlash, but it does affect the starting position of the WorldFlash toolbar.

To remove the offending spyware, we recommend both Spybot S&D (free) and Webroot.com SpySweeper (inexpensive).   to top

 Do I have to see the stock and weather/sports tickers?

In the current version, you can turn off the stock quotes or weather forecasts, and just see news headlines in those scrolling tickers. Choose "Customize WorldFlash" from the program menu to disable or enable information feeds.   to top

 I'm a Webmaster... is there any way to attach WorldFlash to my web page?

Sorry, you need a different kind of software, we recommend the excellent products at TickerTech, www.tickertech.com. If you simply need a syndicated headline feed for your home page, try Moreover. Think about it... why not just recommend WorldFlash to your viewers and earn a 15% cash commission on your affiliate sales? Contact support at for more info.   to top

 How do I shut off email checking altogether?

Use the Preferences... dialog box, News n' Mail page, under "Check for incoming email every:" box, use the arrow to choose "(never)".   to top

 All I see (even after several minutes) is "Updating information"?

Make sure you can access the Internet using Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. You don't need to use IE as your default browser, it just needs to be successfully configured. This is sometimes related to the existence of a "proxy server" style TCP/IP connection (see below).
AOL users: you may need to click the "Go to the Web" button on your AOL client program.   
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 Do you support Proxy/Firewall based Internet connections?

Yes, they're supported through the Windows 95/NT Internet Control Panel settings. I.e. if you use a Proxy/Firewall server it must be properly set up in the Control Panel/Internet Settings--Connection (Proxy Server). Consult your Microsoft documentation for information on setting up Win95/NT with a Proxy/Firewall server. You may need to obtain your "Proxy Name" and "Proxy Password" and enter them in the WorldFlash program. From the WorldFlash popup menu, choose "Customize WorldFlash", then click Options, and fill out the "Proxy Authentication" section.   to top

 Is there some way to add my own headlines to the scrolling news?

Check out the "Intranet Developer's Kit", which is a sample "C" program that lets you build a special DLL that accesses the internal data structures of WorldFlash. You can add your own headlines, or any other information, and set the refresh rate, etc. For information on more sophisticated solutions, see the Corporate Solutions page.   to top

 I'm an Internet Content Publisher.
  How do we get on the list of available news headline services,
  thus reaching all of the current and future WorldFlash viewers?

The best way is to send mail to describing your service (including the Web URL where it is located) to WorldFlash Software. Only publicly accessible, daily-update on-line news databases that use DHTML need apply.   to top

 Is there a Linux (GNOME, KDE) version? How about a Mac version?

Many people have requested a Linux and a Mac version of WorldFlash. Thanks for the response, however at this time we're only supporting Win95/98/NT/2k/ME/XP. When there is more to report on the progress of the ported programs, it'll be announced at this web site.   to top

 How do I get rid of the "Toolbar Technology by WorldFlash" headline?

Simply register your copy of WorldFlash Gold and you won't have to see that occasional message again. You may be covered under your company's "umbrella" license, ask your MIS manager or help desk person for the registration code.   to top

 How often do the stock prices update?

This depends on how many stock symbols you've requested. WorldFlash updates a "basket" of 8 stock quotes every 90 seconds, and these quotes are already delayed 20 minutes at the Web server, so quotes you see on WorldFlash might be as much as 25 minutes delayed. You should always check a stock price with a broker before placing a trade.   to top

 I don't seem to be getting any weather forecasts for my weather cities?

WorldFlash updates 1 weather city every (approx.) 90 seconds, and it updates the weather forecast after it gets the quotes and headlines, so it can take a while for the weather forecasts to start coming in. If you run WorldFlash for a long time (say more than 10 minutes) and still no weather, there may be a problem at the default weather server, Yahoo Weather Server.   to top

 What happens at the end of the paid license term?
  Do you keep my credit card on file?

We don't store your credit card info, nor does DigiBuy, which is our "e-commerce partner" that actually handles the financial transactions for us. At the end of the 2-year registration period, you'll be notified (via Email and also with a scrolling headline in the ticker) to go to a web page that allows for renewal of existing registrations at a 20% discounted rate. We give 45 days of additional WorldFlash operation to allow time for people to renew -- we don't automatically charge you at any time.

On the renewal form, you'll need to reenter your credit card info, address, email, etc., which is why every 2 years is a reasonable minimum time period.   to top

 WorldFlash doesn't seem to be compatible with my Browser software?

If you are having trouble clicking on links and seeing the full story in your Web Browser software, or it uses IE and you'd prefer a different browser, here's some helpful info.

Open up Customize WorldFlash... and click the "Options" tab. At the bottom is a "Name of Browser" text area. You can enter IEXPLORE (default) for Internet Explorer, NETSCP for Netscape, and MOZILLA, FIREFOX or OPERA to activate those browsers. Alternatively, you can look for the full path to your preferred browser software if those keywords don't seem to work.   to top

 How about Vista™? What if I upgrade my existing computer?

Based on our in-house testing, upgrading to Vista™ is a breeze. You'll find the WorldFlash program works on Vista without a hitch, and your content choices and personalization settings are retained when you upgrade.   to top

 I'm not able to see my Sports Scores running under Windows Vista™?

There are some incompatibilities between Internet Explorer, WorldFlash and Vista's User Access Control that can prevent your sports scores from showing up even if you have properly logged in to your my.excite.com and/or my.yahoo.com home page. This is caused by IE launching in "User" mode, but Vista insists on launching WorldFlash in "Administrator" mode even though unrequested. While we are working on a permanent solution, for now you can either disable UAC, or run Internet Explorer in "Administrator" mode by right-clicking on the IE program icon, then log in to your home page from there. This will restore your sports scores.   to top

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