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"I get fresh headlines and breaking news alerts that are relevant to me.
And, I'm the first on my team to learn about recent developments in
our industry."

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For more than 10 years, people have been using WorldFlash to stay on the cutting edge of their world. Now it's your turn! For more than 10 years, people have been using WorldFlash to stay on the cutting edge of their world. Now it's your turn!

Turn relevant information into valuable knowledge.
WorldFlash proactively delivers your news and information about the latest global events. Join users around the globe and start to enjoy the benefits of WorldFlash -- the popular News and Information Ticker.

The complete story on a full screen is a click away.

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Feature Highlights: Feature Highlights:

  • Personalized, up-to-the-minute headlines from over 160 distinctly prestigious news sources.
  • Pop-up breaking news alerts keep you abreast of the latest fast-breaking stories.
  • Use RSS feeds to track blogs, classifieds, industry news, job listings and other personal information sources. Or, publish proprietary information to your team.
  • Monitor your investments and keep up with the latest happenings in the financial market by personalizing your stocks--company specific news headlines are available.
  • Track your industry competitors and hot topics with the keyword alert feature. Instruct the program to set aside relevant headlines so you can view them at your convenience.
  • Minimize WorldFlash and view all headlines on a full page whenever you want.
  • Keep up on the latest sports scores for YOUR teams.
  • Personal weather station with weather forecasts from over 1,400 reporting cities.
  • Email alert and screening--check up to 12 email accounts (POP3 and Web-based Freemail). WorldFlash will display mail headers in the scrolling window. A vocal "New Mail" message alerts you to new mail.
  • Search the Web--WorldFlash keeps you connected to your preferred search engine. Just type your query and hit enter. Saves your search terms.
  • Send headlines to your friends via email by clicking the "envelope" icon.
  • 1.1 Mb in its entirety... 45-day free trial (1,080 free hours!)

WorldFlash Is Designed With Your Needs In Mind WorldFlash Is Designed With Your Needs In Mind

Once you install WorldFlash you can sit back and relax. Watch as this low-bandwidth agent gently pulls in complete coverage of the global news and delivers it unobtrusively onto your desktop. Headlines serenely scroll on the top, or bottom of your screen- the full story, on a full page, is a double-click away. Get the latest news as you prepare presentations, work on spreadsheets and generally function in the real world. Personalize the software to deliver information from your list of sources, set your chosen topics, select the stocks you wish to follow, activate the vocal alert system to track chosen key-phrases, customize your bandwidth usage, select Email accounts to receive and screen new messages, select your default search engine so you can do research via the Web, choose your fonts and enjoy...
What Makes WorldFlash Better Than Other Programs? What Makes WorldFlash Better Than Other Programs?

Our program employs intelligent agent technologies to bring information you've deemed relevant - directly to your desktop. WorldFlash does not aggregate all the available information and dump it on you without discretion. Instead, the program works as an intelligent web of links that actually recognizes the difference between headlines, stock quotes and weather forecasts. The result is a comprehensive news and information channel. All this is accomplished with minimal bandwidth and CPU requirements. We've included many of the best Internet-based news and information services, and more are on the way. However, let us know if there are other information services that you want to see in WorldFlash. Just Email the URL of the service (or any other suggestions):

Thanks and have fun!
 ... The crew at WorldFlash Software

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Find out how the well-known WorldFlash habit is established.

Our demos show how to turn WorldFlash into a personally targeted information machine.

Learn how to create feeds and customize features so that the only thing you see is highly relevant information to fit your demands.

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News Sources News Sources

- San Francisco Examiner
- The New York Times
- Los Angeles Times
- University Wire
- Chicago Tribune
- Washington Post
- Fox News Wire
- Business Week
- Seattle Times
- New York Post
- Reuters News
- Venture Wire
- Boston Globe
- Wired News
- ZDNet News
- C|Net News
- USA Today
- MTV News
- PCWeek
- MSNCB News
- E! Online
- Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)
- Diario De Noticias (Portugal)
- Aftenposten (Norway)
- Der Standard (Austria)
- Jerusalem Post
- Japan Asahi News
- Canadian Press
- Die Welt (Germany)
- Prensa Española
- NRC Netherlands News
- The Malaysia Star
- ABC Radio News (Australia)
- Sydney Morning Herald
- MagNet On-Line (France)
- MTV3 News (Finland)
- Thai Business Day
- South China Morning Post
- The Star (South Africa)
- International Herald Tribune
- Russia Today
- BBC News

...and many more!

WorldFlash has hundreds of sources from around the globe feeding news and information on all categories. Out index keeps growing!

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